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Vive la France – Nice

Nice has so many trendy, traditional and tasty foods and drinks to offer. You’ll find cosy french restaurants or modern and trendy clubs and bars with very interesting and unusual food options. 
Here are some of the places we enjoyed going to for our 3 day trip in Nice.

La Terrasse

This is a restaurant I would recommend to all people who want to have a nice dinner with a stunning view.
This is definitely not very cheap but you don’t just pay for the amazing food but also for the rooftop seating that offers you a direct view of the ocean.
The restaurant is situated on top of the Le Méridien Hotel but available for all and not just open to hotel guests.

When we were at the restaurant it really wasn’t too busy since it was the end of summer. But considering the layout of the restaurant you’ll be able to enjoy your dinner in peace even if the restaurant is packed. Nevertheless I would make sure you have a reservation since “La Terrasse” is definitely a hotspot for tourists.

Regarding the food if have to say everything was honestly perfect. 
The waiters were very accommodating and also helpful when it came to choosing from the wide selection of food on the menu.
We decided to skip the appetiser and go straight for the main course so we would have more room for dessert later! 


I went for the Risotto Carnaroli served with its pan-sautéed whole lobster and my boyfriend got the Black Agnus Cheeseburger, but we ended up splitting the food anyways.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this has been the best risotto I had in my life. Needless to say the prices are not exactly cheap but the quality is definitely met accordingly.   

As I mentioned before there are quite a few options on the menu so I am sure that everybody would find something that was appealing to them but on the other hand it was quite difficult for us to decide on something since a lot of options sounded really great!


For dessert we went all out and got ourselves two typical french desserts. We decided to order one Eclair trio and one Mille-Feuille trio. 

Both of them not only look stunning but also tasted amazing. I’d recommend the Eclairs to people that have a stronger sweet-tooth and love chocolate, whereas the Mille-Feuille was definitely  less sweet but nevertheless a great dessert.

As you can imagine we were definitely stuffed by the end of the night and had to walk along the beach for a good half hour to digest our food! But if I was back at Nice in a couple of years I’d definitely consider going back!

If you want to check out “La Terrasse” for yourself and maybe swing by on your next vacation then check out their website! Also don’t forget to make a reservation!

Le voilier plage

This to me seems more like a beach club and not really a nice evening sit-down restaurants. We actually went here during the day to be able to relax at their private beach since our hotel didn’t have direct access to the beach.
Since we were at “Le voilier plage” during the day we didn’t actually have a proper meal there, we just had some drinks and snacks. 

While in the morning the beach club only had a few visitors it honestly got packed during lunch time. There were so many locals grabbing lunch there and enjoying the nice weather. The food looked and smelled so good that my boyfriend and I decided to grab a small bite to eat ourselves. We ordered a pizza to split and shared it while sitting in our beach loungers.
The service was definitely great but you did have to pay to have loungers and towels at the beach and also for everything you consumed. So it can get pricy quite fast.
Apart from that we definitely enjoyed our day out at the beach and the staff definitely made sure that we were content with our stay.

If you’re thinking about relaxing at the beach and enjoying the great summer weather in Nice I can definitely recommend checking out “Le voilier plage”!


Farago on the Roof

“Farago on the Roof” is a pop-up restaurant that is situated on the rooftop of the AC Hotel by Marriott Nice. 
Since we stayed at the Marriott we actually wanted to go there the first night we arrived at Nice. Unfortunately the weather was really bad that evening and it was raining on and off, so we couldn’t go there. This is also my only negative remark about the restaurant since it has to close when the weather isn’t nice because it’s literally out in the open and there are only umbrellas that cover some tables.
Anyways, since the fist night didn’t work out my boyfriend and I decided to go there on the last evening of our trip!

The restaurant has a very modern and laid-back vibe to it, probably due to the boho-style it was decorated it. Therefore it was very casual and also the layout was very inviting. The mostly had long “barn” tables where multiple parties could be seated and also some stand-alone bar tables and stools.
They call themselves a Tapas restaurant and also a gin bar which is reflected on their menu. Overall there is not a vide variety of dishes you can choose from and for us it also was quite hard to pick something because the food they offer at “Farago on the Roof” is quite unusual. I would definitely not recommend this to picky-eaters or people who are not that interested in trying new and unusual dishes.

Œufs incroyables

What I think is really cool though, is that they offer some menus where they serve you a variation of their dishes and a dessert and cocktails are also included. This definitely seemed like the best option for us since we didn’t really know what we wanted to get anyways.

We ended up getting two orders of their “incredible eggs” which are basically poached eggs on a pice rye-bread that has a truffle spread on it. 
It was definitely a bit unusual, especially since the poached egg was cold (which we assume it was meant to be) but nevertheless very tasty particularly if you like the flavour of truffles.

Burrata d’hiver

Once we finished our appetiser, the tapas for our main course arrived which consisted of a platter of cold meats, a burrata salad, squid on baked potatoes and lastly their house speciality which was pork that was supposedly cooked for 36 hours.


El pulpo

The food was delicious and it was a very interesting combination of dishes that I wouldn’t have necessarily paired with each other but it worked. The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the fact that they served us all of those 4 dishes at the same time. And since they weren’t that small some of the food got cold by the time we got to it.



Cochon 36h 

Last but not least we got served our dessert and let me tell you guys it was deadly. They call it “Bombes au Chocolat” and that’s literally what they are! Chocolate covered in batter and then deep-fried. They are still served hot which means the chocolate on the inside is gooey and warm while the outside is crispy and covered in powdered sugar.

Delicious but very very dangerous! You definitely want to make sure you don’t eat too many.

Overall we really enjoyed “Farago on the Roof” and I’ll leave you guys a link to their website too, in case you wanna check out their menu.
I’d definitely tell you to swing by the restaurant and at least grab a drink and get an order of their chocolate bombs!

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