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Hawaii stole my Heart

All of us know at least one movie in which the scene is set on Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, sunny days, tropical locations, all in all – paradise.
And honestly I have to admit that Hawaii really is like a movie make it out to be!

The same summer I travelled to LA, July of 2017, I also took 5 days out of that trip to continue my journey and visit Hawaii for the first time.
As some of you may already know from Austria – Vienna to LAX it is already a 13-14 hour journey and 9 hours time difference. When it comes to Hawaii you can add another good 5-6 hours of travel time depending on which Island you go to and in total you are talking about a time difference of 12 hours. So you definitely need to adapt quite a bit.

But those facts aside I was thrilled to be going to Hawaii and I didn’t care at all about the journey! And let me tell you guys the travel is so worth it!

Hawaii is honestly a paradise! I flew to the island Kauai and that airport is literally right next to the ocean. When you step out of the plane you can already feel the tropical climate and once you step out of the airport building you are surrounded by palm trees and you can hear to waves breaking at the ocean.

For my 5 day trip I stayed at the Marriott’s Kauai’i Beach Club which is located only 15 minutes away from the airport. It has a private pool and access to one of the many bays that lead into the ocean.
While this vacation was mainly meant to relax at the beach and enjoy the nice weather, my boyfriend and I decided to rent a car for one day to explore the island.

Road leading up to Waimea Canyon

We got ourselves a Mustang Convertible and definitely splurged a bit that day. 

Since we wanted to make the most of this day and had quite a view spots around the island we wanted to look at we got up early in the morning and started our island exploration!

Our first stop was Waimea Canyon, which is located in the western parts of Kauai. We drove up the mountains to get a good view of the canyon on one of the many viewing platforms that look over it. The view was great but sadly we couldn’t see as far as you can on other days since it was a bit cloudy that day. Nevertheless we made the most of what we got to see and of course snapped a couple quick pictures before getting back in the car and continuing the journey!


Waimea Canyon


Next on our exploration bucket list was the Spouting Horn, which is basically a formation of rocks at one of the coast on the island. What’s so special about it and gives it its name is that the waves that break before the rocks go through cracks below the rocky formation and build up so much pressure that the water comes shooting out of the wholes on the surface of the rocks!

Right next to the Spouting Horn is Poipu Beach, which is one of the best spots to go snorkeling in all of Kauai. And that’s where we were headed next. We parked the car at a near by parking lot and walked to the closest snorkeling gear store and rented our equipment.
Now it was time to hop into the ocean and see what we could find.  At first we were having difficulties seeing any fish but once we swam out into the ocean a bit further and there were so many types of fish that I’ve never seen before. Sadly there weren’t any coral reefs we could get to but it was still a lot of fun and a great experience. Especially if you are out with younger kids or you’re still a kid a heart, you’re for sure gonna love it!

shaved ice

After our “athletic activities” we walked back to the store to hand back in our snorkeling gear and afterwards we rewarded ourselves with some shaved ice. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically blocks of ice that are shaved down to a sort of “snow” and is then sweetened by adding flavoured syrups to it.

It was my first time trying it, but it is really popular in Hawaii and I totally get it. It’s not too sweet but really refreshing at the same time. I think it is a nice alternative to regular ice cream once in a while.

Before we started heading back to our hotel we had one more stop on our list. The Wailua Falls which are north of the city Lihue, which are about a 30 minute drive from Poipu Beach. 

The drive went by pretty fast and once we got to the double waterfall we couldn’t miss it since the road literally came to a dead end and there was nothing but forest in front of us. So we parked the car at the side of the road, and walked as close to the waterfall as we could get.
As you guys can see in the picture, you are kind of “above” the waterfall and due to the vegetation you can’t see the waterfall from all angles, but I fell like the view you get is more than enough!

Wailua Falls

Because of the sun’s position and how the light was reflecting in the water there was actually a small rainbow that was stretching over the little pond at the bottom of the waterfall.


All in all we really enjoyed our day exploring the island and if we had more time on Kauai we’d have definitely checked out even more of the beautiful places this tropical paradise has to offer.

I really hope to come back to Hawaii in the next couple of years to explore some of the other islands like the Big Island, O’ahu or Maui!

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