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3 Days in New York

Spontaneous like I am, one day of summer 2016 I decided to fly to New York for a duration of 3 days including the days I was travelling. So basically I had only 1 full day to explore the city … And that’s what I did!

Get on a plane Thursday morning, land in New York around noon the same day and cram as many sightseeing locations into 3 days being in the Big Apple. Challenge accepted!

As soon as my dad and I got off the plane and had our suitcases we jumped into a cab and were put behind schedule already since we got stuck in traffic for a good hour. Once we finally got into the city the cab driver dropped us off at the wrong Marriott hotel and then refused to bring us to the correct hotel. So there we were basically in the middle of Time’s Square with our suitcases and had to start lugging them across the streets of New York until we got to the Marriott hotel we had actually booked.

Thankfully the right hotel was only a couple blocks away and by the time we got to it our room was ready too. So we sprinted up 20 stories  – with the elevator of course – unpacked our suitcases as fast as we could and made our way out into the bustling Big Apple.

Times Square

First stop – Times Square and really taking it in and not just rushing through it trying to get to the hotel. One thing I really took with me from Times Square is how little you feel compared to the huge buildings with billboards on them, but Times Square really has its own flair. No matter if daytime or nighttime it is always busy there. Locals, tourist, street artists you name it, you’ll literally find everything there!

Next on the list that day was Central Park, probably the opposite to Times Square, calm and peaceful, not bustling and loud. We took a stroll through some parts of the park before making our way to Hard Rock Café for dinner. And with dinner day one was already over!


View from Rockefeller Center

The next day our first stop was Rockefeller Center. We grabbed breakfast on the go, to waste no time and made our way up one of the tallest building of New York. Why not the Empire State Building some of you might ask yourself right about now. Well supposedly the view you get from the panoramic platform on top of the Rockefeller Center is actually the best view from above you can get. So that’s where we went!
Once you’re up there you feel like you are on top of the world, well maybe not of the world but for sure of New York. Definitely worth the wait to get up!

Onward from there we went to Ground Zero and the new One World Trade Center! That day we decided that it was probably fastest if we just walked everywhere instead of taking the tube so that’s what we did. On top of that we thought we might as well see as much of the city as possible and not be stuck underground in the metro!

Ground Zero

Well what can I say about Ground Zero … honestly it is crazy to think that the World Trade Center used to be there. As impressive the “up-side-down” fountain is, it really saddens me at the same time that it even exists. But the sight of Ground Zero and the One World Trade Center is incredible, so totally worth checking out, if you ask me!

Next stop that day was the Statue of Liberty, well not directly. Since you have to take a ferry to get to the Island we kind of skipped that part due to time constraints. Because anybody who has been in New York before knows that getting onto the ferry can take quite a while!
So we just walked from Ground Zero to the Battery Park right to the river bank of Hudson River and admired the Statue of Liberty from afar.

Since by the time we got to Battery Park it was around lunch time, we scouted the area for food options and decided on going to Chipotle, which is a fast-food Mexican restaurant for anybody who doesn’t know. So after we recharged our batteries for a bit and enjoyed some good food, we continued our journey and walked a long the streets of New York towards the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Brooklyn BridgeL

Because let’s be honest here this is another huge tourist attraction when going to New York so we couldn’t not have gone there! But since we were short on time we didn’t actually walk across the whole bridge and go to Brooklyn. About half way there we turned back around and made our way back to the Island of Manhattan since our time was limited and we still had things to see that day!


Our last mission was to check out some popular districts in New York like Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown. So once again we started heading that direct by foot to take in more of the Big Apple!

This trip really was more so to get some impressions of New York and see the most famous attractions than any other city trip I have taken. So after a while of strolling around admiring New York and all of it’s glory we first made it to Chinatown. After walking through Chinatown for a while we ended up reaching Little Italy which you really couldn’t miss, since there was a huge sign hanging in between two buildings that let everybody know that they now were in Little Italy. And after strolling through the streets of Little Italy for a bit we ended up in Soho which was our last destination for the day.

Exhausted from walking so much and seeing a crazy amount of New York we sank tiredly into our beds that night.

Since we really saw everything that we had wanted to see the day before we used our last couple of hours in New York to get some shopping done and take a last stroll around Central Park since we didn’t mind getting some exercise before sitting on a plane for 9 hours!

Overall, I really think that this short trip to New York was totally worth it and we definitely made the most out of the time we had there. Nevertheless, I really want to go back in the near future and take my time exploring the Big Apple!

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