About me


Hey guys, I’m Iris.

I am a nineteen year old media and communications student from Austria who loves to travel and discover new places.
That’s why I decided to create this Blog and share my travel experiences with you guys!

I chose to write about things that I feel like will be helpful for other people when planning a vacation and about my own travel experiences that I want to share! 

In addition to that I want to share my love for photographs with you guys since I always take way to many when I’m on vacation. So you can expect a lot of pictures accompanying my blog posts! 

Also a little warning beforehand! I’m a huge food lover and one of my favourite things to do is try out new dishes and  restaurants when I’m in a new place. So bare with me because there will for sure be no shortage on restaurant recommendations and food pictures! 

I am very excited to dip my toes into the blogging world and share glimpses of my life with you.

So stick around and join me on this journey into the Blogosphere!