• New York,  Travel Diary,  USA

    3 Days in New York

    Spontaneous like I am, one day of summer 2016 I decided to fly to New York for a duration of 3 days including the days I was travelling. So basically I had only 1 full day to explore the city … And that’s what I did!

  • Amsterdam,  Europe,  The Netherlands,  Travel Diary

    Amsterdam – Outside the city

    When people think of Amsterdam they surely think of the many canals that run through the city. Amsterdam actually is named after the river Amstel that started off with a simple dam to keep the local villages safe from floods. Over time the Dutch people continued to master the weather of their wetland and constructed Windmills to aid them in their quest to civilize the region. 

  • Hawaii,  Travel Diary,  USA

    Hawaii stole my Heart

    All of us know at least one movie in which the scene is set on Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, sunny days, tropical locations, all in all – paradise.And honestly I have to admit that Hawaii really is like a movie make it out to be!

  • Los Angeles,  Travel Diary,  USA

    Exploring LA – Hollywood Sign

    Everybody around the world knows about the Hollywood Sign and wants to see it during their stay in LA. And even though there are quite a few places that claim you can get a good look at it from further away, the best way to see it is to hike up to it! And this is how I did it!

  • France,  Strasbourg,  Travel Diary

    Vive la France – Strasbourg

    There has never been a city so beautiful and filled with culture from multiple countries other than Strasbourg. The half timbered houses and the small canals running through the city make it a beautiful sight to behold. The city itself is bursting with history between France and Germany as Strasbourg was controlled by both countries many times in the last 1000 years!