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    Vive la France – Nice

    Nice has so many trendy, traditional and tasty foods and drinks to offer. You’ll find cosy french restaurants or modern and trendy clubs and bars with very interesting and unusual food options. Here are some of the places we enjoyed going to for our 3 day trip in Nice.

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    Vive la France – Paris

    Champs Elysee, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe …. There is so much see in Paris and it can honestly be overwhelming to decide what you want to go and do first. Here are some sights I fairly enjoyed going to and would definitely recommend checking out!

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    Vive la France – Strasbourg

    There has never been a city so beautiful and filled with culture from multiple countries other than Strasbourg. The half timbered houses and the small canals running through the city make it a beautiful sight to behold. The city itself is bursting with history between France and Germany as Strasbourg was controlled by both countries many times in the last 1000 years!